Republic of Texas Mail Routes - Shepperd's Store in the Lake Creek Settlement

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In addition to being the first store in the Lake Creek Settlement, W. W. Shepperd’s store was also the first post office in the Lake Creek Settlement. When the town of Montgomery was founded, Shepperd’s store was the first post office in the town.

W. W. Shepperd was also the first postmaster. He became the first postmaster on May 17, 1837 about two months before the town of Montgomery was founded. In 1838, two Republic of Texas mail routes included W. W. Shepperd's store.

The advertisement below appeared in the December 30, 1837 edition of the Telegraph and Texas Register, soliciting bids for carrying the mail in the Republic of Texas along certain routes for the following year of 1838. Republic of Texas mail route No. 1 went through W.W. Shepperd's store and Republic of Texas mail route No. 14 began at W. W. Shepperd’s store.


Route No. 1 ran from Houston to New Cincinnati via Shepperd’s store.

Route No. 1 via Shepherd's Store


No. 1. From Houston to New Cincinnati, via Shepherd’s store, 100 miles, weekly. Leave Houston on Monday 8 AM, and arrive at New Cincinnati on Wednesday at 8 P M. Leave New Cincinatti on Thursday at 8 AM, and arrive at Houston on Saturday at 8 P M.



Route No. 14 started at Shepperd’s store and ran to the La Bahia Crossing on the Colorado River via McGuffin’s, Fanthorp’s, Washington, Independence, and Mitchell’s.

Route No. 14 - From Shepherds Store to La Bahia Crossing



No. 14. From Shepherds to La Bahia Crossing on the Colorado, via McGuffin’s, Fantharp’s, Washington, Independence, Mitchell’s, 110 miles; weekly. Leave Shepherds on Wednesday 12 A M, and arrive at La Bahia Crossing on Saturday 8 PM. Leave La Bahia Crossing on Sunday 8 AM, and arrive Shepherds on Tuesday 8 P M. 


Robert Barr - Post Master General



Bond and security will be required of each contractor, and the names of persons intended to be given will be sent with the proposals.

R. Barr,Post Master General.

Houston, October 25, 1837.                                              98-tf


See Telegraph and Texas Register, November 18, 1837.  Robert Barr prepared this notice on October 25, 1837. Even though the town of Montgomery was founded in July of 1837, Barr is still referring to the post office located in the Lake Creek Settlement as Shepherds Store. When Barr makes his request for sealed proposals for 1839, he will refer to the post office as Montgomery rather than Shepherd's Store.


Post Office Papers No. 50

On December 10, 1837, G. Brightman received compensation from Robert Barr, the Post Master General of the Republic of Texas, "for transporting mail from Houston to Shepherds Store.”This was three months after W. W. Shepperd founded the Town of Montgomery in July 1837 and just four days before Montgomery County was created on December 14, 1837.


Transporting Mail from Houston to Shepherd's Store 






Recd of R. Barr  Eighty Dollars for transporting the mail from

Houston to Shepherds Store               Houston   Dec. 10th  1837

G. Brightman


Receipt 76


Recpt. G. Brightman $80.00 Decr 10, 37 76



Post Office Papers No. 74


Route No. 14 - Shepherds to La Bahia - 1838





Received of R. Barr P.M. Genl. Five hundred dollars in full for first quarter pay for carrying the mail on route No. 14 from Shepherd to La Bahia Crossings.

Houston Apr. 11, 1838


Receipt 166{


D. Laughlin rect. for 500$ apr. 3 166



See p. 60,Texas Post Office Papers 1836-1839, Compiled and Edited from the Manuscripts in the Texas State Archives by James M. Day.1836 – 1839. 





Post OfficePapers No. 55





Date Comm   Post Office      County                   Post Master              Remarks



May 17           Montgomery      Montgomery         W. W. Shepperd        W. W. S.



April 5              Montgomery      Montgomery        C B Stewart                  



See p. 70, Texas Post Office Papers 1836-1839, Compiled and Edited from the Manuscripts in the Texas State Archives by James M. Day.1836 – 1839. W. W. Shepperd was the Post Master in the Lake Creek Settlement, and later Montgomery, from 1837 to 1840 when his son-in-law, C. B. Stewart took over as Post Master in April of 1840 when W. W. Shepperd resigned. W. W. Shepperd resigned as Post Master shortly after selling his interest in the town of Montgomery and the county courthouse to James McCown. W. W. Shepperd was Post Master for almost 4 years.